Free Bets No Deposit Offers Overview

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For many players, free plays are so good to be true. Especially with the argument that bookmakers are in business; therefore, they can't give cash bonuses. There are various reasons why they give free spins, and if you're strategic, you'll reap big without spending a single penny. It's a golden opportunity for you to win big prizes.

Why do betting sites offer free bets?

with so many bookmakers in the market; the competition is stiff. Bookers have to employ various tactics to attract new users; free bets, free spins, bonus cash, and free play are some of the tactics. Free bets encourage new users to sign up and place an initial deposit. All free bets enable new users to familiarize themselves with the prescribed site and might encourage them to refer a friend.

How to claim your free bet

Free Bets No Deposit Offers

Most importantly, find the best deals available. Casinos make this easy for players by outline all the details of the offer. You must be careful when reviewing the rules because a simple technicality might lose you your winnings.

To claim your free bet, you need to;

  • Register as a member to the company; this usually consists of your name, email address, address and a password for security.
  • You'll then be asked to provide your credit or debit card details. Well, this might put you off, but it's all safe. These details are needed to deposit your winnings or in case of any cashback.
  • After the registration process, an account will be waiting with your free spins or bets. Sometimes, you are asked to refer a friend for more spins or free plays.
  • Your free bets no deposit will be valid within a set period. Depending on the company's policies, it might be around 7-30 days.
  • you must use your bonus cash offer as specified by the terms and conditions of the company.

How can one use the free bets?

There many ways players can use free bets no deposit offers. They include:

Hedging the bet

This means the use of free bets in assuring your wager. For example, if you've placed a bet on the team that you doubt, you can use free bets with no deposit on the opposing team. In this way, you're guaranteed returns on either way.

Doubling the bankroll

This is the most applicable method for many gamblers. Gamblers use free bets as a wager on the winning team, which leads to an increase of bankroll.

Turning free bonuses into real money

Free Bets No Deposit Offers

For the process to be successful, you'll have to use match betting. It means you place a wager with a bookmaker, and then place a wager with betting exchange against the previous wager. Now that your bookmaker bet is free and requires no deposit, no matter the outcome, you are guaranteed your cash bonus.

Types of free bets

There are three categories of free bets no deposits.

  • Stake not refunded, mostly they are for new users. Also, they are known as one-off promotions. The bookmaker credits your winnings to your account except for the free bet. For some sites, if you refer a friend, you qualify for this free bet.
  • Bet refunds, the free bets are available for both sign-ups and existing customers. Typically, it means that a player uses his or her own money to wager, then if he loses the wager, he's refunded the money. But in most cases, it's not a 100% refund.
  • Stake returned; sites offer this option when players make an initial deposit. Unlike stake not returned, this stakes works like normal money.


Free bets no deposit offers, like any other betting investing, have got their pros and cons. To take advantage of them, you need to do your homework. You should know that free bets are the combination of the amount offered and the wagering requirements. Always observe these requirements before you buy any free bet.