Beating Wagering Requirments

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Are you looking for ways to beat the wagering requirements? Maybe you've claimed a match deposit bonus, but you don't know how to withdraw it? Whatever it is, you're in the right place. Lets dive in;

Before anything, what's a wagering requirement? First, a wager is money or bet that's placed on a bingo game, table game, casino game, or an online slot. Online casino bonuses are always attached with a wagering requirement.

Therefore, a wagering requirement is the number of times a player should play the bonus money to be allowed to make a match deposit bonus withdrawal.

How can you calculate wagering requirement of a particular bonus?

This can be boring, but you need to understand how wagering requirements work beside it will help to choose a casino bonus that suits your interests.

For instance, if a casino rewards you with $70 once you deposit $30 with a wagering requirement of 5*. This is what you should do.

Multiply the casino bonus with the wagering requirement=$350. This means that for you to make a cash withdrawal, you must have a wager of $350.

And if you meet the wagering requirement, you should include your deposit.

That is (70+30)5=$500

Why is the necessary for casinos to have wagering requirements?

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Wagering requirement is mandatory for various casinos because most casinos want to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. If casinos make the mistake of not having a wagering requirement, criminals will use them to clean their illegal money because, without them, it will be a matter of instant depositing and withdrawing. And such activities will affect the casino industry.

Wager-free casino bonus offers

This is a bonus offer that's not attached to any wagering requirement. The good thing with such offers is that they can be taken immediately and usually they don't have delays. Also, the big plus with them is that a player doesn't need to deposit to take advantage of them.

They come in various shapes such as wager-free free spins and no deposit bonus offers. Gamblers know the allure of these packages. The real beauty with them is that any winnings that are made from such free spins or bonus offers can be withdrawn immediately even though many casinos require one to deposit some amount before withdrawing.

Can you avoid wagering requirements?

Yes, you can renounce your wagering requirement if you don't like it. However, it's not advisable. Wagering requirements boost your bankroll.

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What is the future of wagering requirements?

Online casinos Come up with innovative ways to attract players daily. Currently, bonus offers are cropping up, and it will not be a surprise if the paradigm shifts to wagering requirements. With time to entice more players, things will change with wagering requirements.


You need to research before you decide on a casino. Don't forget the wagering requirement; there are ways you can acquire more from your match deposit bonuses, by beating wagering requirements.